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13-15th of March 2006

Nablus the culture organized a work shop entitled: "Early
Music Education" in  coordination  with
 Barenboim-Said Foundation and Music Academy Weimar/Germany.

The work shop was offered by Prof. Marianne Steffen-Wittek  from  Hoschule  Fur Musik (Music Academy) Franz  Liszt  Weimar/Germany, and  took  place  in the kindergarten  of  Al-Rawda  college and  Zafer  Masri Foundation. It  focused  on  subjects  like :  Music  and Movement, Voice, Body  Percussion,  Instruments, Listening, Notation of Music and Contrasts.

Participants  in the workshop were kindergarten music teachers as  well as students from  the departments of Music and  Education at Al Najah National University.  These  participants  went  through  theoretical  training
and practical training with  the children.On the last day
of the workshop
Prof. Wittek handed out participation certificates to the participants.

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