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Fadwa Touqan

She was born in Nablus in 1917. She began writing in the traditional forms, she was one of the leaders of the use of the free verse in Arabic poetry. Her works deal with  feminine explorations of  love and  social protest. After 1967, she  also  began writing patriotic poems.
Her autobiography  published in 198,“A Mountainous Journey”, was translated into English in 1990.
Tuqan   received   the  International  Poetry  Award in Palermo,Italy She was awarded the Jerusalem Award for  Culture  and  Arts by  the  PLO in  1990 and  the United Arab Emirates Award in 1990.
She  also  received  the  Honorary  Palestine  prize for poetry in 1996. She was the subject of a documentary film directed by novelist Liana Bader in 1999.