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Theatre of the oppressed
Demolition Play

          Upcoming Events (Click hear)
April  24th : Trans Formas Theatre , Spain
   Second activity of the "Theatre of the oppressed"
                      At Zafer Al-Masri Foundation Hall.
                      At 7 pm

April  17th : Action Theatre Group ,Germany
        first activity of the "Theatre of the oppressed"

April  14th  :
Concert Pianist                                                      
           Daniel Del Pino

April  5th  :   Classical Music Concert
                       Chamber & Coral Classics
                       (Activity of Mozart Festival)
                       Choir of London and several musicians.

March  14 :   Starting of  the second course of kindergarten  
                       teachers in early music education.
March 11-14:Workshop for Kindergarten teachers
                       (Early Music Education)
                       by Prof Marian Steffen-Wittek     
                       & Mike Schmitz         
                       At Nablus The Culture Centre
                       & practical at local Kinder gartens.

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