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تانيا ناصر و ريما ترزي

Dec. 10: Classical Music Concert -Iberia Trio
Daniel Del Pino (piano), Eva Leon (Violin)
                   POSTPONED  ( To be announced )               

Dec. 3:
Classical Concert. 
Barenboim Said Foundation Chamber of Music.
Nov.25: The Third Rhythm of Rhythms of Autumn  
Collection of Arabic Songs

             By Ylalan Group for Music & Singing
Nov. 19 : Musical Concert .
Mohsen Subhi on Oud
                   Duja Michael on Cello
                   Tareq rantissi on Percussion

Katie Taylor on Double Bass

Oct. 8 :  A Special Evening Concert for Ramadan
Al Kamandjati Association in cooperation       
                  with Nablus the Culture
and with  the            
                  Barenboim-Said Foundation .
Samayat, oriental and Arabic traditional pieces,     
                  compositions from Ramzi Abu redwan.                 

July  5   :
Movie : Kingdom Of Heaven
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