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Jacob's well church

Jacobís Well

Jacob's Well is located at the entrance of Nablus.
Jacob (pbuh), on his  return  from  Mesopotamia,
bought a plot of land  from Hanor for "a hundred
pieces  of silver" ( Genesis 33:19 ), on  which  he
pitched  his  tent and  dug  a 35  meter deep well
for himself, his children and his flocks.
Since  that  time , the  well   has  been  known as
Jacob's  well . Tradition  states  that it was at this
well that Jesus (pbuh) met  the Samaritan woman
and  asked  her  for  water  to drink, the well has
been an object of pilgrimage since then.
The old  church  over the well was destroyed but restored   by   Crusaders . Today  Jacob's   Well
stands  within   the walled complex  of  the Greek Orthodox Monastery.

Jacob's well